I. summons sum‧mons 1 [ˈsʌmənz] noun summonses PLURALFORM [countable]
LAW an official order to appear in a court of law:

• Administrators of his estate have issued a summons to get him to return to Australia.

oˈriginating ˌsummons
LAW a document which formally begins a legal case where people agree on the facts, but need a judge to decide on the meaning of a law, contract, or other document:

• The Crown struck out the originating summons on the grounds that the case was outside its jurisdiction.

— compare writ
ˈwitness ˌsummons LAW
an order to someone to come to a Magistrate'S Court and tell the court what they know about a crime or event; = SUBPOENA:

• He has been served with a witness summons.

ˌwrit of ˈsummons LAW
a way of starting a legal action by someone who has a claim against a particular person, that orders that person to come to court unless they admit the claim:

• The delay in having a civil action heard in the High Court is often two years from the issue of a writ of summons.

  [m0] II. summons summons 2 verb [transitive]
LAW to officially order someone to appear in a court of law:

• I was summonsed to appear as a witness.

* * *

summons UK US /ˈsʌmənz/ noun [C] (plural summonses) LAW
an order for someone to appear in a court of law: »

One newspaper reporter was given a summons for disorderly conduct.


They will be issued a summons to appear before the U.S. District Court in Richmond.


Service of the summons does not have to be effected in person; postal service is likely to be sufficient.

issue/serve/send a summons »

Proctor will be served a summons with a date to appear in court to answer the charges.

receive/get/be given a summons »

Approximately half of defendants receive a summons rather than being brought into custody.

See also ORIGINATING SUMMONS(Cf. ↑originating summons), WITNESS SUMMONS(Cf. ↑witness summons), WRIT OF SUMMONS(Cf. ↑writ of summons)
summons UK US /ˈsʌmənz/ verb [T] (also summon) LAW
to order someone to appear in a court of law: »

Prosecutors summonsed several residents to the Grafton County grand jury.


I have been summoned for jury service and must appear at Middlesex Crown Court on July 31.

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